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Friday, 15 February 2013


Hey Everyone! This is my first proper post and I am basically going to talk about my opinion on sacrifices 
So firstly, think about you, you individually, why do you have friends? 
I've listed up some reasons.

  • So you aren't alone or you don't look like a loner 
  • so you have some one to talk to 
  • just for fun
  • you really and truly do have a connection with your friends and you love them.
Okay so for me its the first 3. I always think that, i have friends to speak to and i will obviously be there for them and do anything that is possible for them, but there is a line for me. I have only one friend that I'd actually get into serious trouble at school for, she is the only person i would make that sacrifice for because i have known her all my life. I don't come from the wealthiest background, so i go to school TO LEARN. Think about it, theres only one in a million friends that stay friends from nursery (kindergarten) all the way to uni (college). Yes, you do find that good friend once in a while but it doesn't always happen. I'd like to leave school with degrees and not have messed it up due to peer pressure and friends. So my first point is focus on your education more than friends, yes it fun to have friends, but at the end of the day. Would you rather go to school for what 20 years and leave with nothing and be the popular Queen B? all those hours of learning gone down the drain? or would you rather leave with good qualifications, even if you didn't make the grades you wanted, you can leave school knowing that you tried, you might not have many friends in the end but then after school is when you have the opportunity to network and meet new people. Even when you are in the work place the same morals apply. Think about how good the friend is and how big the sacrifice you are making.
The next point I am trying to make is think about the person before you make a sacrifice for them. I have made a lot of stupid sacrifices, I have got in so much trouble for one person because i cared about them so much, but then i needed there help, they were gone.
NOW, i know this this is not always the case, some people are lucky enough to have really good friends and they don't need to listen to my advice. I hope you all find that perfect friend that you can depend on!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Perfect Friend For Me.

Hey Everyone! In this post I'm going to talk about the perfect friend for me, basically, what qualities a good friend should have. I'm going to keep it quite short, i hope you enjoy !
So these are the qualities:
  • Generosity
One thing teenagers always need is money and food! Now, I don't mean you should start treating you friends like a bank and restaurants, but sometimes when you're going out and your low on cash, theres always that one friend who will help you out.
  • Honesty
This is very important to me. I always say to my friends if i am being annoying or i have done something wrong, they should feel comfortable enough to come and speak to me directly about it. So we can solve the problems together. The best friendships are usually private, so we keep problems between ourselves.
  • Loyalty.
One thing I hate is betrayal, i have been betrayed too many times. So many times infact that I don't trust anymore, if i'm going through a problem i usually deal with alone. We all need that perfect friend who we can rely on to speak to when we are feeling down, sometimes we cant just do it alone.
  • Reliability.
We all need someone who is there for you when ever you need them, always ready to talk, never neglecting you. Someone who you can count on to give you good advice and support. 

Those are just a few main foundations for the perfect friend of course there are other things like personality for example but these were things that I wanted to cover.
Remember to tell me about anything interesting that has happened in your life so far, i might even write a post about it! Please comment! and if they are any enquiries or comments or if you have a problem and you need some help with it, you can email me :


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enough is Enough.

Hey readers! I'm in a good mood. Today was good day!

I'm not really sure if this counts as poetry but basically when im feeling really down, i write about the way i'm feeling. This is little "paragraph" is about how i chased away one of my bestest friends. He knew everything about me, He was always there for me when i needed him but I messed things up and hes basically said to me that hes finished with me. So yeah:
You were there in the times that I needed you
When I was broken, we fixed me together
I gave you the key to unlock my deepest secrets
You understood you took me under your wing, one of your own
Not only did you read me like a book, you were part of my story.
I was like a wound that needed to be healed and you were my bandage
But then I blew it. I threw it all away
I took us, me you, our friendship
I took it and i tore it into little pieces
and watched as the breeze carried away our memories into the darkness.
I devoured opportunities
Time after time i said sorry but i would knock you down like dominoes again and again. 
And you forgave me 
Until one day, you closed the door on me and left me out in the cold
Your cup was full
you had enough of me. 
I was poison to you.
a liability.
I'm tired of saying sorry
It doesnt change anything. 
A word cannot make a change.
only i can make that change.
Please leave a comment on how you feel about it and even how i can improve it! and if you've got anything nice to say to me like how your day went or if anything interesting happened feel free to comment, i'd love to hear it! <3
Thanks guys.
- My mental storm.

First Steps.

Hi, this my anonymous blog. This blog is basically going to be about my life. I am 13 year old girl who lives in London, for a 13 year old, I've been through quite a lot. I'm going to keep this blog anonymous because they is a deep/emotional stuff that I'm going share on this blog and I don't want people knowing its me. I've learnt ALOT from what I've been through and I want to share it.
So here's some information about me
I'm 13 years old, I live in London, I am in year 8 at a secondary school. my favourite colour is purple. I listen to a lot of music!  I'm quite confident (well thats how people see me, you are going to learn who i really am), I'm kind of like the mature yet crazy one out of my friends, i know how to have a good time without going TOOO crazy :p. I really hope you enjoy my blog and please please please share it and spread the word. Later on i will start this thing were, i will make an email and people will be able to email me about their problems and i can speak to them about it. I decided to call it my mental storm because right now I'm going through a rough patch in life so my heads quite confused, theres loads of different thoughts whirling around. Its like a storm. Also when I'm at my all time low, i write how i am feeling, almost like Poetry. I will also be sharing this with you. The next post will be about my opinion on friends. I know I'm 13 and you might be thinking "another one of those immature 13 year old girls talking about boys and quoting pictures from tumblr" but i'm not like that at all, please give my blog a try. I really want to share my experiences
Thank you.
-My Mental Storm