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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

First Steps.

Hi, this my anonymous blog. This blog is basically going to be about my life. I am 13 year old girl who lives in London, for a 13 year old, I've been through quite a lot. I'm going to keep this blog anonymous because they is a deep/emotional stuff that I'm going share on this blog and I don't want people knowing its me. I've learnt ALOT from what I've been through and I want to share it.
So here's some information about me
I'm 13 years old, I live in London, I am in year 8 at a secondary school. my favourite colour is purple. I listen to a lot of music!  I'm quite confident (well thats how people see me, you are going to learn who i really am), I'm kind of like the mature yet crazy one out of my friends, i know how to have a good time without going TOOO crazy :p. I really hope you enjoy my blog and please please please share it and spread the word. Later on i will start this thing were, i will make an email and people will be able to email me about their problems and i can speak to them about it. I decided to call it my mental storm because right now I'm going through a rough patch in life so my heads quite confused, theres loads of different thoughts whirling around. Its like a storm. Also when I'm at my all time low, i write how i am feeling, almost like Poetry. I will also be sharing this with you. The next post will be about my opinion on friends. I know I'm 13 and you might be thinking "another one of those immature 13 year old girls talking about boys and quoting pictures from tumblr" but i'm not like that at all, please give my blog a try. I really want to share my experiences
Thank you.
-My Mental Storm

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