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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enough is Enough.

Hey readers! I'm in a good mood. Today was good day!

I'm not really sure if this counts as poetry but basically when im feeling really down, i write about the way i'm feeling. This is little "paragraph" is about how i chased away one of my bestest friends. He knew everything about me, He was always there for me when i needed him but I messed things up and hes basically said to me that hes finished with me. So yeah:
You were there in the times that I needed you
When I was broken, we fixed me together
I gave you the key to unlock my deepest secrets
You understood you took me under your wing, one of your own
Not only did you read me like a book, you were part of my story.
I was like a wound that needed to be healed and you were my bandage
But then I blew it. I threw it all away
I took us, me you, our friendship
I took it and i tore it into little pieces
and watched as the breeze carried away our memories into the darkness.
I devoured opportunities
Time after time i said sorry but i would knock you down like dominoes again and again. 
And you forgave me 
Until one day, you closed the door on me and left me out in the cold
Your cup was full
you had enough of me. 
I was poison to you.
a liability.
I'm tired of saying sorry
It doesnt change anything. 
A word cannot make a change.
only i can make that change.
Please leave a comment on how you feel about it and even how i can improve it! and if you've got anything nice to say to me like how your day went or if anything interesting happened feel free to comment, i'd love to hear it! <3
Thanks guys.
- My mental storm.

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